Includes FREE boxing gloves valued at $55


All levels Muaythai

Muaythai training is a great way to lose weight and get fit in a fun and exciting environment. Our All Levels Muaythai class is exactly that, anyone at any level will benefit from this class. This class is designed for you to train at your own pace and our experienced trainers will teach you Muaythai skills in a fun and safe environment that will have you reaching your goals in no time!

You will learn self-defence gain confidence and get fit all from this 1-hour class.

Whether you are looking to get fit or aspire to be a competitive fighter this class is designed for you to start your Muaythai journey.

As our gym moto says, “We are a force in the making” and you could be to!

We would love to hear from you to start your Muaythai journey now!




WA Thai Boxing Centre is primarily a competitive Muaythai gym. We have produced multiple World Champions, Intercontinental Champions, South Pacific Champions, National Champions and State Champions since the gym opened in 2003.


Our fighters complete locally, Interstate and Internationally taking on some of the best fighters in the World. After an assessment and you reach a high level of fitness you can enter this class and train with our fighters.


There is absolutely no pressure to compete, but if you wish to take that step then this class will prepare you for your competitive journey.




12-16 YEARS

Teenage years can sometimes be one of the hardest times in a young adult’s life. They are in high school, and you cannot always be around to protect them. We give them an outlet & a set them goals. We will teach them how to defend themselves using traditional Muay Thai techniques.


It will help them to build their confidence, co-ordination, & focus, which will benefit them in all aspects of their life.



To perform Muaythai techniques effortlessly you need to be strong. Our Muaythai Strength class is designed to do exactly that. We will blast your strength and fitness to the next level with battle ropes, free weights and a series of body weight exercises that will have you feeling pumped after every class. Our class is designed for all levels of fitness and strength. So, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned Athlete this class is for you!

As our gym moto says, “We are a force in the making” and you could be to!

We would love to hear from you to start your Muaythai Strength journey now!



Sparring is not compulsory but If you really want to test your skills, then our sparring class is the place to do it. Sparring is done in a safe controlled environment with all the correct protective equipment required. You can purchase all your sparring gear from us ensuring that you get the right protective gear.


In this class you will learn defensive and offensive techniques. You will learn footwork and movement skills; these techniques will show you how to put together all the skills you have been taught in our All levels Muaythai and Fighters/Advanced classes in a real but controlled competitive setting.  




If you really want to accelerate your skill set and fitness, then our Personal training sessions are for you. Either 1on1 or in a group with one of our experienced trainers these sessions will blast your development through the roof!